Hello World


Ah, yes. The infamous Hello World post.
Well, I mean why not? This in fact my first blog post. Is that weird in itself? Maybe.

My name is Bill Volpe. I enjoy lots of things. For the purpose of this blog, I’ve decided to focus primarily on three core topics I enjoy talking about:

  • Responsive Web Design (RWD for short)
  • User Interfaces & User Experiences
  • eCommerce Best Practices

What qualifies me to talk about these topics? Well, I’ll be the first to admit that I certainly do not know everything. However; with 30+ years of experience in life and over 10 of those years dedicated to studying, and working in digital marketing – I have some opinions and lots of learnings to share.

So really, this blog is meant for anyone interested in listening to what I have to say. Essentially. Or more seriously, this blog is meant for anyone interested in RWD, UI/UX, and eCommerce best practices, ideas, fundamentals, success cases, and epic fails. I hope you enjoy my contribution to the Internet. Please feel free to email me your thoughts, questions, concerns, great recipes, dog training tips, etc. I’m a great listener.



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