Why you need Bing Webmaster Tools on your website NOW!

Bing Webmaster Tools – Search Keywords

If you don’t already have Bing Webmaster Tools for your website, you need to get an account setup immediately. Odds are you already have Google Analytics on your website, right? And if you do, you’re probably thinking why do I need another set of web analytics for my site? And who cares about Bing? – If you had any of these thoughts, let me try to convince you.

According to comScore’s July 2015 Desktop Search Engine Rankings, Bing accounted for 20.4% of all Desktop Search Engine usage in the United States, and Yahoo claimed 12.7% of the pie. And with the Bing/Yahoo partnership that has Yahoo leveraging Bing’s  search technology; their collective usage comes to an impressive 33.1%. Yes, Google comes in at 64% which is not unexpected – however the numbers show that you can’t ignore Bing anymore.

So sign up for a free account and start getting familiar with Bing Webmaster Tools. Outside of gaining visibility for a third of overall search volume in the US, Bing offers website owners with something VERY useful that Google no longer does – Organic Keyword Reports. Super useful for understanding exactly what organic search terms are driving traffic to your site.  Enjoy.



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