Why Lorem Ipsum text is more useful than you think

BaconIpsum.com – A Twist on your typical Lorem Ipsum Generator

Everyone has seen the Latin Lorem Ipsum placeholder copy before. Or some of the more clever and funny variants such as Bacon Ipsum, Samuel L. Ipsum, or Veggie Ipsum. Using these text generators allows a web developer, graphic designer, blogger, etc to fill content up on a page to get an idea of how the entire page would looks visually once the approved content is ready to be used. All fine and good, right?

The concept of Lorem Ipsum has been around for pretty much as long as the Internet has been. However; you’d be surprised how often it is not used for various mockups and online tests.

From my experience, if you do not use lorem ipsum copy as placeholder text it can actually lead to some pretty bad to terrible scenarios:

  1. MINOR INFRACTION: Upon reviewing your work, colleagues will continue to ask when you are going to change the place holder copy when using things like “text, text, text” or “INSERT COPY HERE”, or “TESTING 123”, rather than just use lorem ipsum where it should be more evident that you will change the copy.
  2. MAJOR INFRACTION: By not using lorem ipsum, your developers can easily miss terms like “insert copy here”; hence leaving that in. At this point you have to rely on your QA team to spot this out. Whereas using lorem ipsum would have most likely prompted a developer or QA tester to at least ask you when the real copy is coming.
  3. WORST CASE INFRACTION: – If a website, landing page, or any digital document gets accidently pushed live into production for all the world to see using non-lorem ipsum copy, you could have a real serious problem on your hands. I’ll elaborate on this one…

Let’s say you’re working on an A/B copy test for your homepage. You are trying to determine if the button copy should say BUY NOW or SHOP NOW. Pretty cut and dry. But let’s say you didn’t know what the second option should be out of the gates; so you mock up the test for your development team and because they don’t know what the final copy is yet – they put something like “NEED COPY FROM BILL”. That’s not terrible – but what if that accidently gets pushed live to your site. Pretty embarrasing. Now, if it accidentally went live with “Lorem Ipsum dolor” – sure it’s not ideal; but it creates much less friction and blame on anyone than “NEED COPY FROM BILL” or something extremely worse like “BILL SMELLS LIKE CHEESE”. What might seem funny and completely harmless at the time, can potentially create some irreversible effects on your brand, your company, and potentially cost you your job.

So when creating new digital assets or performing any type of A/B testing strategies, just play it safe and use lorem ipsum. It may not seem like a big deal right now, but you gotta trust me on this one.

And besides, doesn’t this just sound more delicious than any other placeholder copy you could muster up: Bacon ipsum dolor amet tail doner prosciutto, boudin capicola cow rump. Spare ribs pastrami biltong corned beef ribeye.

“Mmmmm….bacon.” – Homer J. Simpson

Happy Testing,




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