Designing a Website Layout with Intent

Designing a Website Layout with Intent

When creating a new page on your website, an important piece to focus on is the actual layout and structure of that page. Whether it’s the homepage of your website or a supplement page that sees a lot of traffic – the layout is more important than the actual content itself. Here is a real life example that illustrate this concept:

bluenile – Home Page – Is a perfect example of how their home page layout has been designed with obvious intent. First, notice the order of items within the Global Navigation:

  1. Diamonds
  2. Engagement Rings
  3. Wedding
  4. Jewelry & Gifts
  5. Designers
  6. Education

They have architected the global navigation to put the strongest emphasis and importance on Diamonds, with the second level of importance on Engagement Rings, and so forth. Remember, by reading left to right; organically users will see that initial navigation element first; and others will follow in that order. This seemingly small detail can actually drive a lot of incremental traffic to the proper places you want your customers to go.

Now, look at the structure and emphasis of their content in the main section of the home page:

  1. Large Hero Section – 100% Width – Primary Emphasis
  2. Diamond Jewelry – 33% Width – Secondary Emphasis, 1st Priority
  3. Jewelry & Gifts – 33% Width – Secondary Emphasis, 2nd Priority
  4. Wedding – 33% Width – Secondary Emphasis, 3rd Priority

Everything is built and structured for a reason. There is a reason why the emphasis on selling loose diamonds is first in the navigation and layout hierarchy. Certainly, the folks at Blue Nile had tested into this strategy and layout to see what works best for their business goals. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight. However, once you have a goal or main focus for your users, make sure you architect your website to match up with that vision. Then look at your data and see if it’s working. If it is great, find more ways to optimize your traffic. If it isn’t, no problem. Try testing something else until you find a better way to present your content to customers so they can find what they are looking for faster and more efficiently. Done correctly, and this will mean more sales and higher conversion rates for your website.

Happy Testing,



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