Who has the Better UI/UX – FiveFour vs BombFell

Who has the better UI/UX: FiveFour vs BombFell

A little late to the game, but my curiosity got the best of me and I have recently decided to try out two of the most popular online clothing services, FiveFour and BombFell. Although I do have my opinions on both of these services, (which I’ll share later in this article) I want to first compare their websites’ overall user experience.


  • Pros
    • Easy to navigate and find relevant information
    • Overall process is explained well through visuals and supplemental copy
    • Style profiles are clearly delineated with good visuals of what types of clothing you receive for each style type
    • Straight-forward sign up process (only 5 style questions)
    • Easy access to online chat in a logged out state
    • Easy to modify your profile at any time
    • Very easy to track orders and returns
    • Great mobile experience
  • Cons
    • I’m not a fan of the screen take-overs asking for my email address
    • Contact Us and FAQs are only found in the footer of the site
    • Should consider a more eye-catching color for main CTAs, as the current ones get washed away with the rest of the site:
    • Some CTAs have really poor button contrast making it hard to read the copy:FiveFourButton
    • Previous transactions are shown, but any promotional discounts are not displayed – so you must rely on your credit card statement to see what you were actually charged
    • Online chat is only available 9am – 5pm PST Monday thru Friday
    • Very hard to find online chat option once you are logged in (FYI – it only appears if chat is available and only displays on your Dashboard page)


  • Pros
    • Easy to navigate and find relevant information
    • Overall process is explained well through visuals and supplemental copy
    • A very personal feel with stylist names & pictures displayed throughout the site
    • Specific box examples are shown with items and average per item cost
    • Several customer provided reviews and images that give a further personal touch
    • Crisp, clean imagery of Featured Threads
    • Easy to follow sign up process with the right amount of personalize questions (approximately 20) to give your future stylist an idea of who you are style wise
    • You can upload photos of yourself so that your stylist can get a visual understanding of your look and style
    • Easy to modify your profile at any time
    • Easy access to online chat
    • Very easy to track orders and returns
    • Great mobile experience
  • Cons
    • “Up Next” page can be a bit confusing when planning out your future shipments – i.e. not knowing if you are ordering additional items or picking your core items for your next shipment

Who has the better site?

Both sites offer a similar product/service, but it’s the fine details that really make the difference. From a pure UI/UX point of view, I think the obvious winner is BombFell.

In my opinion, BombFell really has no major UI/UX pitfalls or pain-points. Everything is very straight-forward and intuitive. The customer process is explained in a simple fashion. The sign up process is quick and easy, with the right number of personal questions. And incorporating many personal human touches throughout the site makes it feel very authentic and genuine.

OK, so what service is better?

FiveFour touts itself with a $60/mo membership fee which gets you “$120 worth of clothing”. Usually this monthly fee includes a pair of pants and a long sleeve shirt, or a pair of shorts, belt, and t-shirt combo. (I didn’t hang long enough to see what other combos would come). I liked the price point, but I did not like having control over what items I received. Plus, you can only return items if they don’t fit.If you don’t like the style, you are kinda stuck. In addition, the personal touch just isn’t there. Although I did receive a really nice, stylish pair of straight leg dark denim jeans in my first package – I no longer have an active FiveFour membership.

BombFell does not charge you a monthly membership fee. Plus, you have control over what type of items you want to receive for each shipment. The personal touch is amazing. With the emails from your stylist, you get to have a true dialogue with them as they learn your likes and dislikes. The clothing is name brand, and of very good quality. My only problem is that the average article of clothing is around $89. I had my first box arrive which included 4 items: 1 Sports Coat, 1 pair of black slacks, and 2 polos – totaling nearly $400. Maybe I’m cheap, but I just couldn’t justify spending that much money for only 4 articles of clothing. I returned all of the items although they fit very well and matched my style. The return was very easy and painless. I have another box set for delivery in a few weeks – but I may lean toward cancelling the membership altogether on the price-points alone.

From this experience, I have realized two things:

  1. Bombfell as the better website UI/UX and overall customer experience
  2. I need to have more patience shopping in brick and mortar locations in my area. I’ll save money and support some local businesses.

I certainly recommend trying both services and getting your take on both.

Good Luck,



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